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Three questions about protecting civilization from the Russian virus of fascism, or why they are in no hurry to give money to Ukraine.


Question one. Domestic, Ukrainian.

Instead of an army equipped with planes, tanks, artillery, and missiles, Ukraine has officials, judges, deputies, and billionaires - former presidents, who are well-endowed to the brim. People collect one hryvnia to help the army, and the judge, who had been receiving a huge salary, without a shame, also receives financial assistance in the amount of half a million hryvnia. Knyazev, who was detained on charges of corruption, has not yet been tried, probably trying to ruin the case.

Since 2022, it is known that only during 2022 the family of Shilo, who worked in the OP and the SSU, acquired property for $4 million, and he was detained only in 2024 and released a day later, since he was immediately paid bail. It turns out that 30 million hryvnia is a mere trifle for a young guy. It would seem that the head of the SSU and the head of the OP should say something about Shila’s employment, but they are silent as fish.

And what about the huge incomes that exceed pensions by tens and hundreds of times and which officials receive from the state as earned salaries? Despite the fact that we do not see that work in the available quantity of equipment produced for the front. Isn’t this legitimate corruption, which creates a gap between citizens in material terms and which, in turn, destroys unity within the country: a hungry man as we know, not a friend to is well fed one.

It would seem that during the war, the salaries of officials would be made fair, and the exorbitant would be cut off and used for the army. But alas! Even the war did not discourage the desire to row and row into your pocket...

The human factor operates everywhere. A congressman who has been involved in government affairs in the United States for 40 years, reading about the fantastic income of that guy who was able to buy a property on $4 million in just a year, reading about a poor judge who is given half a million in help, cannot understand why he has less, and why he is being asked to give money to these poor people, because, as Ukrinform reports, First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko told the Financial Times that probably must to postpone the payment of pensions to millions of citizens if the EU and the US do not provide the promised financial assistance. We remember that from that assistance the above-mentioned officials and poor judges receive exorbitant salaries and assistance.

The American congressman is probably thinking about how he will vote for aid to Ukraine, reading how much money is used in Ukraine not for the needs of the army, but for officials who live better then him, the American congressman.

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